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a strong desire to know


The stories we have about ourselves can be rewritten.  What do you want your story to be?


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Optimize Performance

Would you like to improve your performance as an athlete, actor, trial lawyer, surgeon, dancer, therapist, dating adult, video game player.... generally how you show up as a human being? Brain spotting is a neurophysiological technique that enables  the nervous system to recalibrate and release distress stored in the limbic system.  This clutter accumulates from physical injuries, surgeries, overwhelming emotions, and difficult relationships. Our minds have natural systems for releasing this clutter and unlocking our potential. 


Heal Invisible Wounds

Do you feel stuck?  Or like your mind keeps playing the same mental record over and again? Do you know what you "should" do but just can't make yourself do it? We don't have to be "sick" to benefit from fine-tuning our internal world and releasing ourselves from past experiences. We can heal wounds from childhood, employment, relationships, internet bullies, or whatever else is draining your energy and holding you back. You are designed to heal. Your willingness to do so is within your control. 


Psychological & Educational Evaluations

Dr. Sadeh conducts psychoeducational evaluations of children in kindergarten through high-school. 

Dr. Shanna Sadeh, JD, PhD, LP

Every person is naturally designed to heal wounds and expand their unique giftedness. These abilities can be constrained or disrupted when we experience physical injuries, overwhelming emotions, and difficult relationships. I specialize in helping people re-activate and optimize their talents through therapies that help the nervous system recalibrate. My clients range from high-performing athletes, artists, and professionals to high-school students who want to reduce anxiety for high-stakes testing or performances (speech/debate, theater, interviews). If you are still waiting to discover your giftedness, we can do that together.

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Licensed Psychologist
Certified EMDR Therapist

School Psychologist


Dr. Sadeh has rare interdisciplinary expertise,  quickly grasps complex issues and understands the challenges of living with unique talents and intense personalities with big feelings. 

Dr. Sadeh is a school psychologist with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of trauma, dissociation, and severe acting out behaviors (e.g., oppositional defiance disorder, conduct disorder, attachment disorder). She also has expertise in special education eligibility and consultation with parents, educators, and school administrators. She has a prior career as a business trial lawyer. She currently has a private practice in Scottsdale and is a board member of the Cohen Institute for Student Learning and Mental Health (

Dr. Sadeh received her doctorate in educational psychology (PhD) from the University of Minnesota School Psychology track, after studying at the Institute of Child Development, Washburn Center for Children, and Fraser Child and Family Center in Minneapolis.


Dr. Sadeh obtained her law degree from University of Wisconsin Law School and practiced complex commercial litigation at Maslon, Edelman, Borman & Brand, LLP in Minneapolis.


Based these diverse experiences and professional training, Dr. Sadeh provides high-quality, evidence-based psychological services efficiently and with care. 

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