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Adult Coaching & Psychotherapy


Many people who have never had mental health challenges in the past are struggling from unprecedented levels of stress and confusion in recent years. Dr. Sadeh offers coping skills training (e.g., mindfulness, positive thinking, and self-care) to individuals who want help building resiliency.

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Dr. Sadeh is a licensed psychologist and provides individual psychotherapy to adults. She specializes in repairing past and current relationship wounds that cause people to act irrationally and have explosive outbursts. She utilizes the positive psychology of Internal Family Systems and EMDR to empower clients to control their emotions, recover from the past, and utilize their natural talents and resources to develop a future they desire. Dr. Sadeh had a prior career as a litigation attorney and is especially effective with high-performing/high-achieving executives who resist traditional therapy and/or have a "fast mind." All are welcome.

Dr. Sadeh also provides therapy to children and adolescents, and helps parents and children repair their relationships. Her child therapy practice takes place at Orangetree Behavioral Health ( 

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